CREATE South Posters

CREATE South and screenprinting

March 22, 2012

My favourite person to create with is RS Harvey. He came up with the great idea of screen printing posters to promote this year’s CREATE South. He had told me about his idea and emailed me a couple of reference photos for the idea he had in mind. Normally, I would wait for him to create the design himself, but I was inspired and came up with a design that used elements from the reference photos. Lucky for me, he ended up liking the design and so we planned to make the posters a go!

Concept Design for CREATE South poster

Concept Poster Design

First up, R printed up some transparencies. We had initially planned a two color process, laying down a gradient as the first layer. Due to timing constraints, we opted for neon poster board to make the text pop.


CREATE South poster transparencies

Because the transparencies had to be printed on 8×10 materials, we taped them together to complete the design. Then, we were all set to expose the screen.

Transparency setup

Transparency setup

And, a few pulls of ink later, the posters were made!


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