Tappenstance Logo

February 19, 2012

The Brief

Tappenstance is an adult tap dance company with a hard hitting style led by Heidi Schultz at Joy of Motion. The members wanted a logo and voted on several font options. I was sent the font choices and asked to create a logo that represented the style of Tappenstance, preferably with a kick image (either roundhouse or straight up flexed foot) below the type. I was also sent a photo they had permissions to use via Joy of Motion that depicted the bottom of a tap shoe. They intended to use the logo for t-shirts and other promotional materials.


My Solution

Happily, the fonts chosen were exactly in line with the in your face image that Tappenstance projects. The additional image of the bottom of the tap shoe was clearly focused on the taps and had a kick feel.  I initially planned to use it as asked under the logo text, but felt it was not strong enough as a mark on its own and did not interact well with the text.

By outlining the taps and placing the text across the bottom of the shoe, I was able to pull from Tappenstance’s well known aggressive kick line and put the attention on the “Tappenstance” text. Further, I slightly enlarged the “tap” of “Tappenstance,” skewed the text, and added drips for a graffiti feel.

The full logo is a 4 color print, but a 2 color version was created for t-shirt printing in order to keep costs down, and a black and white version was created for their printing needs.

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