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January 23, 2011

The Brief

CREATE South is a gathering in Myrtle Beach, SC for people interested in art, blogging, podcasting, video, social networking or any other form of self-expression. It is described by the founders as an “un” conference.

This was a very wide open project. The CREATE South logo preexisted as a stylized “C” with roots emerging from the bottom curve. Previous web sites were not fully branded and were minimally updated as only one person had the ability to perform updates.

My Solution

Having attended CREATE South since its inception, I had a good feel for the relaxed, casual atmosphere. I felt that giving the web site a brand that matched the fun, down home ambiance would help to draw in new attendees. In addition, I wanted to choose an easy to use CMS that would allow multiple volunteers to update the site and keep content fresh.

Drupal was used in one of the previous iterations of the CREATE South web site, but not every volunteer was able to easily update the site as many of the pages required knowledge of HTML. This fact, and my knowledge of WordPress led me to choose it as the CMS solution. That determined, I looked to develop a theme.

First, I fully fleshed out the logo by modifying the previous logo into a mark and adding a tagline. I chose a color pallet reminiscent of saddlery and contrasted it with a background that hints at beach waves. I focused on the importance of information and made sure to put the date and location at the top of every page with the registration link easily accessible from multiple locations. Because CREATE South is completely volunteer run, non-profit organizations, links to donate and volunteer were positioned prominently as was advertizing space.


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